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Foot work

Walking, running, climbing. Your feet will be put to the test.

Heart rate

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

Weight lifting

By slowly raising the weight bar, we are able to built muscles safely.

Dance workout for Weight Loss

CraWo’S (Crazy Women Studio) works on Dance Workout Format along with Core Pilates and functional training. You can get your body in shape with Aerobics, Zumba, BollyX, Beledi & other dance formats. Get coached on your workout regimes by the best fitness trainers in the industry.

Our dance workout videos are available on Instagram – www.instagram.com/crawos_crazywomenstudio

Featured Classes

strength & stAmina

In our strength & stamina classes, we will delve deep into building the fittest body you can. The class aims to not only shape you up, but also instruct and inform you on the right methods to do weightlifting and work out.

Flexibility postures

Learn how to increase your flexibility and attain a ideal and healthy posture through our comprehensive Pilates classes. These sessions are aimed at making your body more flexible and agile.

achieving your goals

Getting in shape empowers you to overcome your biggest challenges, and stick to a regular routine consistently. Our sessions will make sure you know how to focus on the right exercises and workouts to reach your goals.

About the founder

A passionate fitness enthusiast, Shikha Mishra founded CraWo’S in 2016 with an aim to ’empower’ women with the joy of a happy, fit, energetic, and fulfilled life. 

At the age of 35, life had become as hectic as it could have become. Being a mother of two growing active boys, a professional with a demanding full-time job, and the wife of an equally busy husband who constantly travels was taking its toll…the space to be able to create a satisfactory work-life balance where I could spend quality time with my kids and family, 

To know more about Shikha & her achievements in the fitness arena,  please click here.

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